A new internet protocol!

So I've recently become enamored with this new internet protocol that's been cooking in nooks and crannies of the internet for several months: the gemini protocol.

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I Like Playing Games

Wherein I share a speech I gave for Toastmasters club

I recently joined Toastmaster International at my work, just as they were starting a new chapter. The first speech you are supposed to give at Toastmasters is called your "Icebreaker". It's a 4-6 minute speech where you tell people something about yourself. I decided to speak about how I like playing games  I didn't deliver it very well, but I like what I wrote, so I thought I'd flesh it out and share it as a written version.

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Plays 10!

What happens when you delay buying something at your FNGS

So at my friendly neighborhood game store, they have this point reward system called Perkville. I end up going there a lot and spending money because they have food and beer and I take my son there to play in a D&D campaign. One of the perks, after you spend a ton of money, is $25 off your next bill. I just got to that point, so I had a decision to make.

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