About PivotX

The CMS behind this website is PivotX, which is no longer really supported, but it still works for me.

If you are on a site that still has an older (pre-7.0) PHP installed, you could go ahead and use this same software. A lot of themes and information are still available on the webpages for PivotX (OTOH, maybe you should try one of the newer, cool, minimalist Markdown-based CMSes like Pico!)

This is what they said about PivotX

PivotX is a feature rich weblogging tool that is simple enough for the novice weblogger to use and complex enough to meet the demands of advanced webmasters. It can be used to publish a variety of websites from the most basic weblog to very advanced CMS style solutions.

PivotX is - if we do say so ourselves - quite an impressive piece of software. It is made even better through the use of several external libraries. We thank their authors for the time taken to develop these very useful tools and for making them available to others.

Development of PivotX (originally Pivot) started back in 2001, and has been in a (mostly) unsupported mode since about 2017. The site and forums are still up:

To change these links, edit 'Links', under 'Pages' in the PivotX backend.